Walk Think

Week in end. Just back from a nice constitutional in the park and the day portends to be less heatful than yesterday. I can well understand the attraction and frustration of walking. It is very good for thinking and getting kinks out of the body, two things that are highly difficult to impossible in a gym. But by the same token it is very easy to overextend oneself and it is very hard to capture thoughts. I have toyed with carrying a recorder but even that little bit is a horrible mental intrusion. As are some of the whack jobs one meets along the trail.

All walking trails and tracks are right handed. Failure to observe that should be grounds for internment at Guantanamo if not summary execution. Failure to moderate audio should be punishable by extermination of the genetic line. And overload talking should be rewarded with a reverse colonoscopy.

I notice that there is yet another superman movie. Given that all of the previous, except the depression era serials, were abysmal I am not wagering that this one will not be. Although I do find it amusing for all of the rabid christianists loping off to be among the first to view. Perhaps this story is a more doctrinally comfortable messiah fable?

I noted this week an article [Link] of some Swedish work that indicates that the brain, the hypocampus at least, is constantly building new neurons. (No, that isn’t an Agnewism.) This is a reversal of what researchers have found, and educationalists have instructed, for years. The question that immediately pops up is if we are constantly building new neurons why are there so many neuronegs? It has to be genetic. Some form of Strugeon’s rule, that 0.9 of humanity has to be sub-rational?

Which brings me to a theory I heard the other day. One of my colleagues advanced that a possible benefit (the only one?) of helicopter parenting and the exceptionality propaganda is that an increasing number of GEN Y may be planning not to have children because they won’t be exceptional. He was still working on data collection so it wasn’t at all clear if this trend is rational or emotional. I suspect the latter since the former would indicate an improvement in the species that no other metric indicates.


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