Cynical State

Yesterday was a horrible day. The heat was oppressive. Even with the air conditioning. Too hot to even contemplate the stupidity of the climate change denialists.

I fear that I am in a bit of a cynical mode. It started Twosday when I listened to a podcast interviewing a structural engineering academic who was saying that it would only take ten years to achieve full protection from tornadoes and hurricanes.

Stercus Tauri!

His pronouncements struck me as the flimsiest of moonbeams. Not only are we not going to replace almost all of the buildings in the Yankee republic in the next ten years, but the majority of people are not even going to make fixes to their existing buildings. And since most of the fixes require trained craftspeople, that means it further won’t be done because of shortage of such people and their cost. So it sounds good on a science podcast but fails disastrously in the reality of society.

Then I came home – finally – and learned that we don’t do a good enough job of washing our hands. [Link] This is actually a bit encouraging since it indicates this may be why auto-immune disorders aren’t as widespread as one would expect given the hand sanitizer addiction. But it also rather worries me about medicalists. Am I going to start timing their hand washings?

One of my colleagues sent me a link to some physics videos yesterday. I had to explain to him that I had disabled the audio on this PC. I got rather disturbed about opening a string of web pages and half of them having audio blaring. Especially when FD SCP is still asleep. And I couldn’t find a way to suspend browser audio – easily. And as a result I don’t do videos much.

But then I got to examining things. I gets lots of links to videos sent me by colleagues and acquaintances. They obey Sturgeon’s rule, and I have gotten where I just shrug and move on. But last night I dug out one of my laptops – I needed to update anyway – and played a couple of the videos my colleague had pointed me to. They were good, as far as such ever are, but that served to lead me to a realization. Videos are information thin. I don;t watch them because nine times out of ten I don’t get to  the end. Becuase they can’t keep my attention.

So the real reason I don’t watch videos is because they are a poor information form for me. Too empty. I am glad to have discovered this about myself but now I have to try to figure out why so many people watch them, and what that means. Especially GEN Ys.

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