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Finally! After all this grrr brrr about the Yankee government being too nosy. Which will result in the whistle blower either being ‘eliminated with prejudice’ or hidden at Guantanamo until the dinosaurs come back. Now they are talking about finding “a technological solution, some sort of innovation” in which the device or the car would recognize when the driver is using a mobile device and deactivate it.[Link]

Ayeh. The Yankee government transportation safety apparat has finally wised up. The device already exists but its a Canadian technology and hence totally unacceptable for an Amerikan program.

At least this makes more sense than their previous one, rumored to be a cop in every back seat with a large handgun and a box of dumdum rounds. Of course I’m not sure even the new cops would be unsmart enough to execute a driver while the motorcar in under way? Of course that would solve a lot of the highway congestion problem.

Isn’t it amazing how long it takes for ideas to percolate (diffuse?) into the minds of political appointees?

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