Archy, no Dancing

It’s ice cream day and I didn’t need it during my morning constitutional. I rather hate it when it’s hot before the sun rises.

On which azimuth, Chinese researchers have unearthed the skeleton of the oldest primate, [Link] Archicebus Achilles.

The beastie was about 55 MYA and was about the (body) size of a mouse. One more thing for the religionists to marvel at during pseudo-shabbat services.

Meanwhile, the administration’s direction that all refereed articles paid for by Yankee government money have to be publicly available has finally bashed the crania of some capitalist journal publishers. [Link] I personally would have liked a bit more use of truncheons but if they give on this maybe their overweening prices will be next?

Next, a report from U Waterloo [Link] indicates that flourocarbons rather than carbon dioxide are responsible for global climate change. This bears watching. It may substantiate – again – that correlation (or consensus in this case) is not causation.

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