App Rex

It’s Friday and I have just returned from my off-gym days morning constitutional in the park and the distribution of seed for the tree mammals and the dinosaur descendants. The weather beavers are foretelling rain – again – and I hope their accuracy is better than it was yesterday. I walked about most of the day wearing a waterproof and it proved unneeded.

On which azimuth, I ran across a rather humorous article [Link] about HP putting an Android lapbox into the marketplace. And at what may be a lesser price than a Winders Ate equivalent? It is hard to tell given the journalism.

The author seems to consider this a bit of a wonder although this may be nothing more that journalistic emoting. I find it considerably less so but I am a bit amazed that HP would do this. After all, Android is just a special distribution of Linux, isn’t it?

My first thought is that someone failed to tell the journalist about “its the apps, not the OS” or if they did, he failed to comprehend the meaning and ramifications. I’m not at all sure that path is worthy of any travel at all. After all, journalists are the lemmings of the Information age.

But if one considers that lots of folks define themselves in terms of their so-called mobile devices and they use Android cellular telephones and/or tablets for a variety of reasons, not least being a dislike for the mind slavery of Apple, then it makes rather good sense to project backwards to a more workable device. After all, isn’t this the reverse of what MegaHard and Canonical are tearing themselves apart to achieve?

It’s not that Android doesn’t have work apps.It does. But most of them aren’t usable on the small screen. Or absent a real keyboard. So if one defines oneself by one’s cellular telephone apps and has to occasionally do the semblance of work, a laptop running Android may make a bit of sense. At least enough for HP’s current so-called management.Which is another path we won’t travel right now.

Especially since Dell is off selling Ubuntu laptops outside Amerika. And folks are happily buying them, opening terminal, and installing a functional GUI. And maybe, blowing away Unity although most are just letting it be, not worth the effort of one statement on the command line.

And the chromebook is evidently the new itty bitty lap box although I don’t think it is doing as well outside the urban tarpits. Something about density of connectivity? But for those whose lives are defined by high rise apartments, coffee shops, and cubicle dungeons, it makes quite a bit of sense.

As I’ve said all along, the tools evolve to fit the people. And eventually both turn into appliances. But that’s a path to be trod otherwhen. As is the discussion of the evolution of the “mobile” device.

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