Business Acumen

It’s ice cream day and once agin time to get ruthless in purging tabs. And me without any Black Drink.

First, a survey of Winders Ate users [Link] not only indicates that the majority of users ignore the Tile GUI (nee Metro) and just pretend its a debased form of W7. In fact,

the only folks who predominantly use the tile gui are the slabists. And while this is, or is rapidly becoming, the new majority, it still seems rather foolish on MegaHard’s part to micturate their established customer base.

I have to reflect on this a moment. The wisdom that one doesn’t run off existing customers in seeking new ones is well established. It follows that only in times of great change will ignoring this wisdom be wise. So do we have such a time of great change? The answer is a resounding maybe, and the scope of that maybe reveals the magnitude of the risk being taken by MegaHard and Canonical.

If they are right then they have the advantage of maybe establishing a common computer interaction across box sizes and forms. Note critically here that this assumes desk and lap boxes will still be around. The disadvantage is that in leaping they find the mist concealing the chasm and doing a Wile Coyote. And the whole gamble is on the margin since they are having to bet the bog boxes will still be there. But they have alienated the big box users in the process. Sic Transit Gloria Mundae?

Next, on a related matter, a study [Link] from U York proposes that humans evolved upright stance and motion because of the terrain of Africa. Previous theories proposed the development was due to climate change and the reduction in available trees for us to cower in. Or is that cavort? If so that cavorting may give some insight into typical christianist behavior during sundae services.

If the picture of terrain in the article is representative I would have to support the hypothesis. This is not terrain for four legged locomotion. But how representative is it? As usual, even for the Brits, the journalism sags woefully.

And lastly, the old bit about sapiens eating neandertals has been surfaced again by researchers at a Spanish U. [Link] This is not a new thing. It’s one of two major theories of how neandertals went away, the other being reproductive. That theory has enormous weight these days as a result of mapping of sapiens and neandertal genomes that demonstrated that except for the purest of African human lineages, all modern sapiens are about 0.15 neandertal.

I shall not offer the rather obvious and hideous sexual innuendo. But the cannibalism theory is claimed to be strengthened by finding gnaw marks on neandertal bones that match sapiens dentition.

Given what I have seen of human behavior – sapiens’ – I would not be greatly surprised if both theories are accurate.

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