Spoil the Moment

Yesterday I ran across this cartoon [Link]

and I was struck by the accuracy of the presentation. It managed to summarize the television news so accurately I was whelmed.

First that the news people seem to have no compunctions about decency, integrity, or honesty, to say nothing about their overt practices of cruelty and inappropriate happiness at misfortune and suffering. I have yet to understand how it can be policy for any organization, not dedicated to the extermination of the human species, to relate on pain, agony, and/or misery with a garish smile. Somehow this seems the epitome of evil.

Only when the matter touches the lives of the folks who own the broadcasting instrumentality does any respect or regard creep in. Any other time it is blatantly false and pretended. And even when they are batted down, the respite is short before their evil pours forth undiminished.

Only the weather forecast is partly worth while since it deals with useful information. And the commercials are a relative respite, which, a mixed blessing, are growing in duration as a fraction of the broadcast.

And the apparent bias in the news read is disturbing. I am not sure which is worse though, the repeated protestations of fairness and objectivity, both of which are clearly subjective in the professional activities of the news media, or their natty lectures to the populace for holding them accountable.

All in all, a good cartoon. It remains to see if we do anything about this cancer it prods.

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