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The sky is falling – again. Oh!, the joys of climate change and this period of wetness for the old Confederacy. At least it is fairly mild right now, or a few minutes ago when I assayed forth to seed the tree mammals and the dinosaur descendants. Not even rain coat intensity.

I have begun the task of pruning tabs already, mostly because of the twangs after removal of the dental packing around the sites of incision. One article I was particularly taken with [Link] was purely because of the charm of this

There is something endearing about both the idea and the actuality of a giant ‘rubber duck’.

Sadly, an adjacent article [Link] the same rag didn’t come across nearly as cute and endearing in describing some “revelations” of the tablet marketplace. First, they claim Apple is not in trouble. The problem is that it’s not Apple that is in trouble, it’s society and the villain is Apple. Happily Apples rush to world domination is being reduced as the forces of good and well gather their efforts.

Next, they claim that Amazon isn’t destroying Android. I have to wonder where that idea even came from. Amazon is a niche player, currently on the hard road to oblivion, courtesy of the greed of the Yankee government. Once Amazon has to collect sales tax does anyone think it’s going to hold its own? Hardly. Besides, the control of destroying Android is in Gooey’s clutches. And they aren’t about to. They don’t have to collect sales taxes.

And lastly, they claim that PC manufacturers are in a world of hurt. Makes you wonder what religion urine these folks are sipping? Yes, there are reductions in sales of PCs, which can be traced to two streams of causality: MegaHard’s persisting stupidity with Winders Ate and the differentiation of the consumer/creation information marketplace. Tablet sales are soaring because tablets are fairly (maybe) good at providing consumer information but PC sales are still strong because you can’t create information – well, worthwhile information – on a tablet. To do real information work you need a box. And there are some consumer forms that you still need a box for but they are pretty well niche market segments.

Yes, there will be fewer PC manufacturers, and there will be fewer PCs sold and their price will go up, hopefully with an accompanying increase in quality over the stercus being manufactured today. But those who do work and not just mind sumping will continue to use PCs for serious endeavor. It’s sort of an ant/grasshopper thing, to use a metaphor the editors maybe can handle?

Incidentally, System 76 is still growing, and there is no mention of (a) Winders tablets or (b) Ubuntu Unity tablets. Wonder why?

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