Reunion Denied?

A righteous day, so far. Lovely fog this morning, the kind with big lazy particles that don’t have much optical effect other than making a big glow. And the gym was two day typically sparse of weight bouncers and educationalists so the atmosphere was decidedly pleasant, at least for a gym. Despite the ORF aroma of BenGay and musty.

The episodes were of science podcasts and not too bad: a bit about early bacteria that had hydrogen sulfide flatulence; and a bit on self-learning in children. Sadly the latter was a TED talk and hence almost worthless for content. I sometimes think the “T” stands for THEATER because that is certainly what those talks are about. I was almost amazed at the so-called discovery. How has the contemporary educationalist instrumentality managed to forget how widespread self-learning has been? Pride does precede a fall.

I also ran across this cartoon [Link]

yesterday and it gave rise to some reflection.

I should comment that in the forty-something years since I matriculated from undergraduate shule I have received zero announcements or invitations to a reunion. My high shule class, and its temporal neighbors, have reunions every five years but I long ago ceased to attend because they were boring and inefficient. They are always held in the high summer in places with no or inadequate cooling, which is a negative when you have inadequate body heat regulation. You go and seek out the folks you know but haven’t seen and then after a half hour there is nothing left but food, ethanol, bad patter, and worse music.

I can’t eat the food for medical prescriptions, and the ethanol is too polluted for me to waste my ration points on. The same folks who couldn’t communicate but were ‘popular’ in shule are still talking and can’t communicate but they have lost almost all of their popularity. And my taste in music was not rock and roll but folk so the music is trash and noise.

But none of my colleges have summoned me and I had occasion, courtesy of this cartoon. I am not sure I would attend. My high shule class was, round numbers, 500; my undergrad class 5000. If there ate few at the high shule reunions I want to talk to, how many fewer at the undergrad? SO I suspect I would not attend just out of expectation of disappointment and distress.

But I would like the chance.

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