Wet Start

Survived another week out although the rains continue. And I did manage to retrieve the dowager maternal element from hospital. Despite the rain. Which continues this morning thus giving the negative to the proposition that the rain intensifies when one is going somewhere, especially somewhere sad like hospital.

I am also happy to report that Scant City Memorial, despite being a back woods, Jeff Foxworthy hospital in nawth Alibam takes second chair to none in its glacial pace of dismissal and its disregard for courtesy and efficiency. I suppose they have cultivated this skill to compensate for their other inefficiencies and apparent incompetencies?

In which spirit, I note an English corporate study that indicates that if one wants a prompt response to one’s email, one should write in a tone of despair and pessimism. [Link] The criterion for the assessment was apparently key words absent any context. I have to admit that of the examples cited, half were ambiguous in that regard. But then I am sure that being an introvert I have an inadequate appreciation of how extrovert bogs feel.

No attempt was made to associate this with email dependence, the phenomena whereby people have to reply to ever email, the modern equivalent of you-hang-up-first. Also no mention was made of age dependent differences in perception of email courtesy.  So what does this company do other than apparently inept studies?

Next, I ran across an article [Link] in Economist on how the English government organization for funding science has decreed that all research they pay for has to be journaled in open-access journals. The Yankee government is expected to follow suit soon.

Booyah! About time.

But what is entertaining is the tear jerk, handkerchief wringing from the for-profit journals. They threaten to discorporate if not paid for publication, and not the current exorbitant fees, but what they claim is actual cost.

Go quietly into the night, dinosaur.

I fear I cannot summon much sympathy for Nature or even Science. They have servers already and all they have to do is open then to the public. And their costs reflect a bloated archaic instrumentality whose lie is demonstrated by the new, not-for-profit journals like PLOS.

But I can summon glee for the demise of the for-profit journals, like Springer Verlag. I look forward to dancing on your graves.

And lastly, I note [Link] another instance of the lie that England is not a tyranny. Seems that one of the royal parasites was elected to honorary membership in Royal Society. What demonstrates the tyranny is that the ballot sent to the members for the election only has a Yea check box!

Gee, sounds like something Stalin would do, doesn’t it?

Makes me happy that we evicted the blackguard tyrants at point of bayonet when we did.

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