Apres Moi

Now is the spring of discontent. This may be Saturn’s day on the official YG calendar but for me is it is two day – second day after gum surgery and the epitome of ache and distraction. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” And while Tellus may not end, my ability to apply attention span-time is impacted.

This is not helped by the weather beavers’ foretelling of rain all day.

On the good side at least I have no uncertainty of being alive.

On which azimuth, I noted an article [Link] in the Register that over half (barely) of the organizations they sampled lacked a plan to replace Winders XP. That’s with a looming end-of-life next calendar year.

Somehow I am NOT surprised. The problem comes down to Vista and Winders Ate. Both are banana peels. That is, once you have them installed all that is left is useless crap that is slippery on one side, tacky on the other, and generating accidents and spills without rhyme or reason. Add to this the relatively minor bit that you can’t upgrade from WXP to W7 and that almost all of the boxes running WXP aren’t brute enough to run W7 as other than a demonstration in slow motion and with fire alarms.

So some of the absence of plan is denial but a lot of it is just flat end-of-road. Anything you do and any direction you set out in will be painful and costly. In business, nothing is worse than being the best you can ever be.

I have to wonder how many of those are seriously considering Linux as an alternative? The bad part about end-of-life is cessation of security fixes. But if you run WXP in a virtual box in Linux then you get your security from Linux, especially if the WXP clients only talk to the internal network.

Of course you aren’t going to run Ubuntu 13.04. It seems the beast is perpetuating its woes without any improvements. [Link] The self-elevated Saint Mark of Canonical trumpets that his Unity GUI is natural and easy but that seems to be true only for geeks who work consecutively rather than cumulatively. And it is definitely alien landscape for WXP users of long standing, especially those who have been mind wiped by organizational IT Gestapo. They might be bale to switch to one of the derivatives with usable GUIs, but then we get into the question of whether Ubuntu hasn’t abandoned the Linux paean of running on old hardware or not?

I put U 12.10 on my dated Inspiron lapbox and it was like watching some miscegenation offspring of Plutonian molasses and liquid Helium. Yes, it booted faster than Winders but otherwise it was as snappy as ashes. I hate to say it but Ubuntu may have about run its course as number one. Canonical seems to be hell bent on reducing itself to a company of measure zero.

And on that note I must needs spread seed for the tree mammals and dinosaur descendants.

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