Forbidden Smarts

Once more into mundane – week in. Off to gym this morning, crisp, cool but not quite cold, and the gym was moderately populated, sadly with educationalist speed bumps of raucous and intrusive aspect. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, the second in a series on imagination and hideously abrasive, nothing but superstition and literature and psychobabble. The only useful thing extracted was some comment about memory being part of imagination, which at least explains why we humans are such horrible rememberers.

On which azimuth, I ran across an article [Link] in the Tuscaloosa News about items verboten at football games that began with this paragraph:

” University of Alabama officials are reminding Crimson Tide fans who are planning to attend A-Day activities on Saturday that certain items cannot be brought into the stadium, including: A purse or tote bag bigger than an 8½-inch by 11-inch sheet of paper, outside food or drink, coolers, umbrellas, artificial noisemakers nor flags or banners on poles. “

I had to muse upon the first item “A purse or tote bag bigger than an 8½-inch by 11-inch sheet of paper”. Since most purses and tote bags, at least the ones that FD SCP uses, are three dimensional, one wonders how any such can fail to be rejected since they all have a thickness greater than a seet of paper, even 100 Lb card stock. Since outright rejection of such devices would be gender specific one wonders how this can be applied without litigation over discrimination?

One has to wonder if the person who wrote this actually had an education. Why the switch to ‘nor’? Does that mean such items are permitted since it seems to counteract the ‘cannot’. I should also worry about the umbrella bit because if a rain occurs and someone contracts pneumonia is the U then liable for treatment?

My general assessment is that the U has certainly dumbed down since I matriculated, if such is possible.

And while we’re on that azimuth, I need mention another article [Link] entitled “Who’s Winning, iOS or Android? All the Numbers, All in One Place.” The problem, of course, is that the numbers contradict each other and are less than useful. What does seem to come out, at least sketchily amidst the kitsch journalism, is that the Apple slavery addiction is stronger in the Yankee republic than elsewhere. I’m not sure that is good news. Maybe we can get Apple declared a religion? But then all the other sects would have to bring out their own hardware. How about a Baptist tablet that blocks all ethanol advertisements but not porn?

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