Against Stupidity

Saturn’s day and the early summer has been bashed with a frost. Huzzah. But it is also time to begin ‘hawg’in tabs and so I may as well assay that.

First, courtesy of Michigan State U, [Link] p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } I find official (academic) confirmation that the science teachers in our public shules are incompetent. This is not news but it is, as said, official confirmation. Courtesy of Every Child Left Behind and teach-to-the-test, science has effectively been dropped from the curriculum in public shules in Amerika. Add to that the increasing number of states that mandate the teaching of superstition, mysticism, and outright inaccuracy as science. But more critically, people with education degrees are not competently knowledgeable to teach science, especially in high shule. And teacher workshops are not going to fix that.


Next, while we’re on malfeasance around science, I run across an article [Link] about a corporation that has set itself up to sell names of astronomical entities in defiance – blatant and illegal – of the IAU. And the horrible thing is that here in CORPORATE AMERIKA they will likely get away with it instead of getting the firing party they deserve.

And speaking of science that won’t get taught in whack job states that mandate mysticism and superstition instruction, I see [Link] indications that the development of the hand axe 1.7 MYA generated evolutionary selection that led to the hand and wrists of modern humans. I shan’t comment about the effect hand axes would have in improving science education if used properly.

In a related matter, [Link] boffins have determined that Australopithecus Sediba was pigeon toed and could not run. This rather reminds me of some overweight girls I knew in UG shule. They all belonged to the same sorority which evidently specialized in chubby girls. They did however, have much more attractive skeletons than Australopithecus Sediba.

FD SCP is off playing mother/grandmother so I am lacking adult supervision again this morning. Since it is Saturn’s day that means I get to play with the clothes washing appliances. Not as much fun as the plasma cannon but good sources of imagination if one stares through the windows long enough.

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