Daylight Savings Browser

Reason has prevailed! I brought up Chrome and reminded myself of how the blog editor doesn’t check spelling and how Sterci the Ubernote implementation is, and then I did the intelligent, rational thing.

I replaced FireFox 20 with FireFox 19. Now everything works the way I want it to. I may have to null out any FireFox updates but for now that is a scant price to pay. Actually, I will use my other deskbox – the one running Xubuntu – that I don’t use for saving articles and generating blots and such as a testing environment and once there is a version of FF that works – in my metrics – I will update.

My thanks to this blog [Link] for the how-to. Now that I have Ubernote back I can preserve the information elsewhere as insurance.

And while my wrath against Mozilla is not damped yet, I can begin to expend attention span elsewhere with some voluntary control so I note this cartoon: [Link]

I also have to admit that I do not wear an analog display watch. I am rather fond of digitals. In fact, my primary watch is an ORF watch made by FreeStyle – who until this instant thought they were making cool watches for younglings –  that has the time – in 24 hour format, naturally, so I can tell night from day – the DOW, and the date so that, as I keep telling my colleagues, I can know WHEN I am. It also has a light so I can check when abed without turning over and trying to find the bedside clock, whose alarm has been used once since I retired. And then never got to sound before I squelched it.

I have noted that many GEN Y do not wear watches, and consider those of us who do troglodytic. This comes close to being an actual vacuum, especially when their cellular telephones are removed from their possession. Nobody ever made me remove my watch when I went in a SKIF.

Still, the cartoon does adequately illustrate the passing of a metaphor.

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