Happiness Everywhere

OK, it’s Sol day but so far there isn’t much indication of Sol. But then yesterday all the evidence was indirect, much cloudiness in the sky so that all the light was diffuse. But it is also the end of week out and time once more to hawg tabs.

First, from the Australian National U we have the offering (?) that life is a soliton. [Link] It is an intriguing proposal since it offers all sorts of fixes to why and how questions, and it is, I think, testable. And somehow reading it on sundae makes it seem all plausible. I have to admit to not knowing a great deal about solitons. They rose to prominence after I exited shule, and at the time were supposedly dissipationless, so outside my interest area.

I also ran across this cartoon [Link]

and it struck me on several azimuths. When I go to gym I usually get exposed to that rather painful pseudo-science commercial about Einstein and a coupon web site that I always think should end with the speaker being rushed off to hospital after he gets some noxious chemical all over his hand. In the ’50’s and ’60’s the bog view of scientists was shaped by the containment response monster movies from Hollywood and Nippon that were nuclear war wet dreams. Now the scientist facade has been absorbed by the corporate prevarication.

But the part that is most humorous about this is the famous modifier. That is largely a bog thing. Scientists don’t idolize other scientists. We respect and even admire, but we don’t make them celebrity shibboliths, at least until after they have discorporated for some time. So saying that one wants to be a famous scientists is largely a bog perversion and almost assuredly doomed to failure.

As it should be.

Next, a rather encouraging article [Link] about how Alibam is ranked number 45 among the states of the Yankee republic in “happiness.” Does that mean we are number 5 in “seriousness”, or just “misery”, as is implied? I hate to say this but I don’t think I want to live in a “happy” state. I want to live in a competent state, which is unlikely, perhaps impossible, for any state to be.

It turns out that the rating is based on some whacked psychology index and the difference between states is statistically irrelevant. The “happiest” state is Hawaii, which from what I have learned about I would not want to even visit there. FD SCP went there and it was a nightmare, especially the trip. But the whole life style there is stressful and irrational. Not that the life style in Alibam is at all rational, at least for all the bogs. So maybe this is just a bog thing? Can we induce all the bogs to move to the Sandwich Islands and leave the rest of the YR to the geeks and nerds? How can we do this? And how soon?

Next, and contributing to that happiness, is a lovely [Link] entitled “There is no such thing as emptiness. There is only quantum foam.” I have to object to the “only”. It is unnecessarily derogatory. And I prefer vacuum to emptiness. And it is nothing new to physics and physicists. And if it bothers the bogs, then they will move all the sooner to the sandwich islands. But the point is something that children know and see and adults can’t, that there is no emptiness, just stuff we can’t get a good grasp of. [Link]

Next, another happy article [Link] entitled “Would you hire someone with poor grammar skills?” The answer, both in the article and in the poll is a resounding NAY. Those who cannot have an acceptable competency in syntax (and spelling) cannot communicate and hence are almost useless in the workplace. Only as idiot savants segregated and kept in a greenhouse can such be. And thereby the exceptions are few and limited to the mentally exceptional. So bogs with bad grammar can collect rubbish.

And lastly, another lovely article [Link] entitled “NASA chief: Earth is DOOMED if we spot a big asteroid at short notice Action on REAL threat to the planet ‘put off for decades'”. You have to wonder at that “short notice” and “decades”. This is not news, incidentally. It has been known for a long time. What is news is that the Yankee government has finally admitted that if a big space rock comes along we get to join the same death society as the dinosaurs.

I particular liked a quote from the NASA Grand Exalted Pall Bearer:

“The president has a plan. But that plan is incremental. And if we want to save the planet, because I think that’s what we’re talking about, then we have to get together … and decide how we’re going to execute that plan.”

The plan incidentally, is to do nothing until his term runs out and then it is the next guy’s problem. Great confirmation here of how politicians operate. And I won’t make the usual kerfuffle about reading this in a furrin newsmedia.

Not that it isn’t understandable. First, the cost is way high because we’re really talking Space Patrol here. And second, it makes no difference from a politician difference. If the big sky rock doesn’t come in a politicians term, no harm done, and if it does, no more elections. So why worry? So why do anything?

Enjoy the ice cream.

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