Unfriendly Linux

It’s Saturn’s day, liquid phase dihydrogen oxide globs are falling, and it’s week out. I did arise at the accustomed hour and pedal a half session on the resident stationary bicycle. The podcast episode was one of Melvyn, Lord Bragg’s “In Our Time” on women and scientific aspects of the enlightenment. Not a bad presentation. I was aware of more than half of the individuals mentioned but not all.

I have to admit to some moments of amusement with this. First the thesis is that women are suppressed and oppressed but there are shining exceptions who seem invariably to employ a mixture of scheming, adaptation, and brilliance. The latter does not surprise me; the recurrence of the former two with scant attention does. I mean this not negatively, rules to me have always been a shield, not a sword. But I am unsure of how to view a thirteen year old woman (?) who marries a much older man for his telescope. Frankly the whole thing is more than a bit frightening and I have to admire the stupidity or the chutzpah of the husband.

Speaking of which, stupidity and/or chutzpah, it seems meet to consider some recent articles on the state of Linux, mostly Ubuntu. First, a rather lovely, straightforward, article [Link] on how to make Ubuntu useful by replacing Unity with a workable GUI. I have commented before on this surgery but the tone of this article is so matter-of-fact that it seems the angst over Unity has been past and we can get down to making the best of a stinking pustule. The two replacement GUI described are Gnome (Shell,) another tile GUI, and KDE, which is a conventional windows environment. I use windows in the PARC context, not the MegaHard even though the latter likes to act like they own the word. Happily the article ends with that single command line command that removes Unity so that it may not wreck its mischief any further.

I have been doing this for some time, and while I agree with the choices, I find the absence of others to be a bit repressive. But then, that may be what is needed to deal with Fuhrer Shuttleworth and the Canonical Reich. Especially now that the Totalitarian Chinese, the ones on the mainland, have adopted Ubuntu as the official national OS and Shuttleworth has made it an “official” Canonical distribution.[Link] I have to admit I had to consider why this fellow isn’t in the same brig as that Bradley Manning fellow, but then the cases are different. Manning isn’t a capitalist oligarch and he did much less damage to the nation. And he is a civilian. But we can’t get rid of his treason with a simple command. And it appears the Yankee government isn’t interested.

In light of the above – the article about blowing away Unity, not Shuttleworth’s treason – I also have to take note of this article [Link] that rather well describes the opportunities to bring Winders users to the bright side when they have to confront the update from Seven to Ate. I am not convinced given how most Winders users – somehow that term catches in my throat to apply to almost anyone who runs Winders – have an infantile fear of the command line and a denial of learning. It seems they wish to remain mind serfs. Is this related to Copenhagen syndrome? What OS does Patty Hurst use?

I say this because I find that too many Winders serfs are willing to chew off both legs and an arm to not change to another OS. The feral allusion is intentional. I will share a secret: it is not all that hard to explain Linux. It’s not like explaining inertia or bosons or almost any physics to a bog. It’s that they don’t want to think. At least that is the simplest hypothesis and there seems no reason to doubt Occam’s Razor. Or Holmes’ discriminant.

And lastly, news [Link] that Canonical has halved the support time for all releases except LTS. Supposedly this is an alternative to a rolling release. My initial thought is another attempt to alienate the traditional market base. Installing a new release is seldom bumpless. And some of us have better things to do than take a day out of real work to fix Canonical’s sloppiness. This is why I shifted to the LTS some time ago and I now have to wonder what attack they will now make on it?

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