Freedom from Glasses?

Sleep in day. Past 0500! And I am paying for it with stiffness. That’s what comes of not going to gym. Even though my performance yesterday was on;y 0.9 or so of wednesday’s. How do you reconcile small scale burn out with the needs of seniorness? And don’t say a black pill, thank you.

On the azimuth of stiffness, I ran across an article [Link] on the opposition to Gooey glasses. I have to admit to being a but ambivalent on the matter for several reasons. First of all, I am not really sure what Gooey glasses are. I have the impression they are a young people, probably GEN Y, thing. I have read a couple of articles and I see no advantage to be conferred for embracing a terminator/robocop display. I have enough problem moving about with aging muscles and tendons and bones and only seeing the natural light field. (And yes, I did read Gershun, early in my graduate shule days, which is probably more than the folks who designed Gooey glasses did.) And I already wear glasses. And based on ancestor history I still have cataracts to contend with.

And I live in the hinterland where I drive a car or I don’t get out of my yard, not like the urbanites who can’t own a car, much less drive one.

I have enough distractions without coping with LOLcats and social networking sites up in my face in an uncontrolled environment. Assuming that I can even get all this stercus into focus.

But the folks who oppose this seem to do so not from the degredation of the human but because of Gooey spying on them. Welcome to the new slavery. In the old days slavery was chains and whips and plantations. Then it was debt and mass produced junk. Now it is cameras everywhere and controlled hedonism. Controlled in the sense of what will be sold to you with the concurrence of the legal system. Do anything outside that and you go to jail for sex crime or something equally whacked.

All part of a system to control the people. Especially when there are too many people. But the number can’t be reduced because that would reduce the power and wealth of the corporate masters. And government.

But I have decided not to worry much. Stalin’s wisdom seems likely to come into play – the capitalists will continue to sell rope. To anyone.

Or in this case, they will also maneuver poor internet connectivity as the best available. And out here in the hinterland where they suppress wifi and often have no competition – and when they do it’s rubbish – how does one make any pick between Oneonta Telephone and Charter cable other than lesser evil? – there isn’t bandwidth to support Gooey glasses. And it isn’t going to be cellular because the deity has his own controls on these autarchs. Besides death, that is. The electromagnetic spectrum is only so big, and only so much of it works for Gooey glasses, and the autarchs have to compete among themselves…….

So I will do without and do my best to live with the equipment I was provided by my parents, plus the prostheses the medicalists install and get by. That may not be freedom and independence but at least it doesn’t have Gooey glasses.

But I still have my regular glasses with progressive bifocals and astigmatic correction. And a sore nose.

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