Dairy Disaster

Today is Mars day although how that got transformed into Tiu’s day is a bit hokey, at least to my view. Not as bad day at gym. The educationalists were sparse and relatively restrained, so all I had to deal with were putzes and clods. Tuesday is science podcast day, which means rather a potpourri of SCIENCE journal, NPR podcasts, and the Guardian science podcast. Nothing, sadly, was very memorable. SCIENCE has been going down hill of late and is in danger of losing its number one position in the genre. But the NPR podcasts were almost as bad except for an interview with Kathy Reichs, the forensic anthropologist.

As far as being science that bit was a dismal failure but FD SCP rather dotes on the television program so there was enough connection to raise the attention level from bored to dull. Not much science, but a lot on the perversions of authoring.

Speaking of perversions, I ran across an article [Link] about some work at the campus of the Boneyard that indicates that the students there are getting insufficient dairy in their diets. Evidently this can lead to something called metabolic syndrome, which seems a strange name because of its generality and aspecificity. I’m trying to get my mind around this whole thing.

When I was an undergraduate and ate in dorm cafeteria, there was very little dairy outside of milk and the occasional macaroni and cheese. I did not partake of milk since I lack any of the cattle herders’ mutations that permit adults to secrete lactase. Absent such one gets all manner of digestive problems ranging from painful intestinal gaseousness to diarrhea. I will admit that there were those who drank a great deal of milk, even some whose only reason for staying in dorm was the availability of milk in cafeteria. But I was rather disturbed at the total absence of consideration of the majority of humans on Tellus being unable to digest raw milk.

Of course, the price of milk has gone up greatly now and I do not know if people still drink to such extremes. Evidently not if the article is credible.

I actually got a bit more dairy in graduate shule than in undergraduate. Illinois was close enough to Wisconsin for cheese to be realtively inexpensive so I could splurge on a cheese sandwich once a week or so. I think components were used in the cosmetically damaged Banquet television dinners I had for supper almost every evening. And once I got to the campus of the Tennessee, I had lots of cheese courtesy of fast food “restaurants”.

Still, I find this whole bit rather whacked and specious. But then a lot of things in academia are.

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