Miscegenation and Corporate Stupidity

Ice Cream day, the end of week out, and the christianists will be observing ersatz-sabbath. And I have to ritually get rid of a whole bunch of tabs to make room for new. So some get sent to the quantum foam and some get immortalized in my tawdry prose.

The first of which is an article [Link] on a study of Yahoo email done at Stanford U. This has to do with Huntington’s theory of ‘clash of civilizations’ as the next big thing after ideology. The work, summarized by this graphic

is supposed to be supportive of Huntington’s hypothesis (?) that the world has divided itself into these ‘blocs’. But what I find rather more asking is whether the whole thing of ideologies has collapsed? Here in Amerika we like to smugly advance that ‘democracy’ has triumphed and all other forms of government are defunct. And that may be moderately accurate if one is very sloppy about what makes a democracy. I fear that a theocratic ‘democracy’ is most often a theocratic dictatorship or oligarchy. It might also be, it seems, that this is a symptom of a new dark age where societies cannot afford the luxury of ideology. Certainly here in Amerika, observation would tend to support that theory.

Discussion is left as an exercise for the student.

On a happier, if more mundane note, it seems that the Ubuntu Gnome subdistro has become ‘official’. [Link] After Shuttleworth showing off his warm dictator side recently, this may be an indication that there is still some humanity in the bowels of Canonical. Or it could simply be a case that so many have jumped distro for something other than main line Ubuntu’s precession of MegaHard’s debacle with Metro (or whatever it is called this week,) that they had to expand the domain to keep from looking like a failed state. From my perspective Ubuntu is getting increasingly strange and I have to wonder how much longer I can continue to patch it to make something workable? That very idea – workability – seems to have been purged from Canonical in something effectively similar to the efforts of Stalin.

Along which lines, a recent studt from U Southampton [Link] indicates that the neandertals may have used more of their brains for visual processing – europe is the new (?) dark continent – and hence had less processing capacity for social matters. And lost out to sapiens thereby. So maybe we should be characterized as social instead of wise? Certainly makes sense given the predominance of extroverts and bogs among us. And their lack of rationality?

I shall refrain from saying anything complete about miscegenation and sapiens’ inferior eyesight.

Meanwhile, my confidence in students and the campus of the Boneyard has been restored. [Link] Seems that 0.8 of the students sampled want to keep Chief Illiniwek as the schule ‘mascot’. This effecively tells the university administration, socially correct pitshetsh, the NCAA, and some overly stuffy and capitalistic Amerind groups to go stick a depinned grenade in their underwear.

Of, I do adore proper disrespect for absolute FALSE authority. Not that this is likely to make much difference but it does indicate a continuing opportunity to make life difficult for tyranny and autarky. Students at their best!

In another example of Canonical stupidity, Gooey has pulled AdBlockPlus from its app store. [Link] COuld this have something to do with Gooey’s avarice? After all, if one can suppress the ads in trial freebies, why pay for the ads to be removed? And then Gooey doesn’t get its cut? Frankly I find this a bit denialist and even moronic, after all, if we can ignore bad advertisements on television why can’t we on a MUCH smaller screen? However, it does us good as a species for Gooey to display its absence of competency.

And on that I cease, finding no better point to do so than a megacorp making fool of itself by its actions. Go forth and consume ice cream – or yogurt if you lack any of the cattle herders’ mutations – and think rationally. Most of the species locally will not.

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