Dogs and Dads

Freya’s day. And since it is sleeping-in day, I slept in. Since I don’t have to go to gym. And FD SCP is off today. So I can churn away at all the exterior demands on my time. Like reviewing manuscripts for journals.

On which, I noted another cog tick on the date of dog domestication.[Link] Some researchers – the journalism in this source is notoriously shabby and lives up to its reputation, leaving out any mention of names or affiliations, dates a Siberian dog to 33 KYA, slightly later than a Belgian dog dated to 36 KYA. Long as that difference is, greater than the founding of Rome, it still seems small seen from the present, both in terms of population numbers and speed of progress. But the fact remains that dogs have been domesticated – isn’t that redundant, dogs were crafted by domestication – for 30+ KY and hence they have influenced us about as much as we have them. Although from what I have read of the attitudes of early peoples, even up to present, towards dogs, meat sources do not seem good partnership. But that is probably stupid Amerikan shining through.

On which note, boffins at U Rochester have conducted experiments – that I frankly do not fathom in terms of cause and effect – that indicate that when someone shuns or excludes another, both suffer distress and discomfort. [Link] This strikes me as one of those things that we – the cognate few, at least – already knew but for other good human reasons did not discuss and hence had no statistical affirmation. So while this is a bit more than an academic validation, the actual question that needs answering is not so much why we feel this way but why we don’t discuss this with others? Or is this one of those genderist things and the women just don’t tell the men they do it?

On which note, some other boffins at U Arizona have ticked back the male side of the species to about 336KYA. [Link] All because of a fellow in South Carolina whose DNA was different from most whose male divergence goes back only 140KYA. We have to wonder if before one of these splits in the family tree is men discussed their feelings?

In a sense this sort of thing isn’t all that surprising. We know that homo sapiens has been around for quite a while and ancestors somewhat arbitrarily called homo something-or-other for a longer time. The creationists can now screech in horror and suffer discomfort and distress, which they will not discuss but will likely shun the rationalists, if we are fortunate. If not, then they will express great abuse and rancor, all irrational, emotional, and perverse.

Given the existence of such, great distrust is cast on our labeling ourselves sapiens. The misfortune is that not only are the poor with us, but the stupid and irrational as well. Sometimes I think homo sapiens is nothing but junk DNA.

And since today portends to be a bit of a junk day. I close. Selah.

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