Linux Laughter

Once more into week out and looking forwards to ‘hawg’in tabs. And this week has turned out to be a pretty good week in that regard. So the whole prospect of sorting through them is rather daunting and depressing.

This has been a good week for wart recognition in the Linux community. First, it seems that the founder of Gnome has become a minion of the dark side, succumbing to the false placidity of Fruit. [Link] We may only hope that someone puts him out of his (and our) misery before he realizes he has traded his creativity and cognition for their appearance. Not that we gainsay his freedom to move to the dark side, just that he may be in need of some compassion and sympathy. Of course, we rather can’t blame him. After all, all that is left to Gnome is the claim that it is the least horrible and unpleasant of the tile GUIs, an almost workable third behind Unity and whatever Metro is called today.

And while we are on the dark side, out favorite Sith, Mark Shuttleworth displayed his actuality this week, announcing that Ubuntu is an autarky, not a democracy.[Link] I found a couple of bits especially illuminating:

“But while Shuttleworth says he understands that some in the community will be resentful of the “disruptive change” that Canonical has brought to Ubuntu and the Linux world at large, he believes that if you’re not on board with Unity and Canonical’s broader vision, it’s probably because you’re stuck in and old-school geek mentality that has no place in Ubuntu.”


“To Shuttleworth, Ubuntu isn’t about catering to hobbyists, but about building an open source OS that is so compelling that free software becomes the norm, rather than the exception.”

Rather obviously, Shuttleworth is all about exploiting all those “hobbyists” who have made Ubuntu arguably the best of the distros. One has to suspect that he has recycled his urine one time too many and become too focused on the dead pixels on his monitor. Part of the problem, clearly, is that the old-school elitist mentality is increasingly necessary to make Ubuntu work by stripping away the new bits inserted by Shuttleworth that do not work – like Unity – and replace them with bits that do, like XFCE and KDE. We do have to ask ourselves and the community how much longer can the hobbyists patch Ubuntu after Shuttleworth’s mucking before it is no longer worthwhile and we leave Ubuntu to the folks who see MegaHard as a larger attack rabbit to be run away from?

History is full of folks who suffered from the same kind of evil that infests Shuttleworth – Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, …. We may only hope, as compassionate humans, that his fate is exile rather than a bunker.

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