Meteor Management

One of the tasks of sundae is closing tabs so that I can open the RSS accumulator and repopulate my browser. So the last little while has been disposing of articles that didn’t quite make it to the comment horizon.

One such, [Link] deals with ways that we can deal with the meteor threat. It has the merit of barely mentioning the Hollywood non-solution. But what was compelling throughout was the need for a “Space Patrol”. And this led me to consider the nature of such an organization.

It has to be a governmental, at least semi-military organization, for what I consider to be obvious reasons. Which means that it will be viewed as being either military or civil service.

This led me to consider the disaffection that the electorate, and the rest of the boggish citizenry, consider both of these. During wartime, the military is too expensive and too lazy. During peacetime, the military is too expensive and too lazy. Kippling summed this up rather better than I ever can.

But considering the civil side, and the absence of the salvation aspect, led me to hypothesize that civil servants are among the highest contributors to the continuation of the species:

  • they are held to an ethical code that is the opposite of what their political supervisors practice;
  • every infraction of the supervisors is visited on the civil servants;
  • every bog they deal with thinks his minuscule taxes entitle him/her to an infinite amount of attention and work;
  • they are paid less and with no assurance of continuance, again courtesy of the politicals who are continuously and assuredly paid;
  • they have to be creative to produce astounding effect with all credit taken by the politicals;
  • indeed, if they display any creativity they are fired or punished, if not both;and
  • they are absolutely critical to the nation’s continuance with absolutely no protection for themselves.

And the merchants profane them when they don’t spend enough money in their stores.

That’s the real Amerikan government. Without them the politicians would be nothing but noise pollution.

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