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Normally I can only stomach politics as the realization of democracy. But the current chaos – morass may be a better term? – in the district calls for both retching and shame. And it is fundamentally the fault, or at least, the product, of that self-same democracy.

I was just reading, if it may be called that, on FaceScroll and much of what I had to sort through was vilification of the Congress. The common theme was comments calling for dismissal or punishment of the members. This is not surprising but having just been reading a blurb on Boole it occurred to me to view the comments in that maths context. This led to some observations:

  • the vast majority of people who criticize a member of congress are not constituents;
  • that is, they do not reside in the congress critter’s district nor may they participate in electing (or unelecting) that member;
  • by and large the ones who do reside in a member’s district are not in sufficient numbers to unelect the member;

hence we may hypothesize that people are not that dissatisfied with their member, at least enough and in sufficient fraction to replace the member.

What they are dissatisfied with is the entropy and discooperation of the congress as a whole. But that condition is at least partly caused by the very people who are complaining since they elected their representative, who is part of the condition, and are apparently unwilling to replace their member purely for the sake of obtaining more cooperation.

In effect, the chaos of the congress reflects the state of the nation. The individual members are not misrepresenting their electorates.

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