Bad Taste Beer and Linux

End of gym week, and well done, over all. Even the educationalists were trying, rather ineptly but trying, to be kulturny. The only down bit was that I listened to a Linux Action Show podcast. This is a weekly where most of the Linux podcasts are monthly or random, but it is also easily the worst. Not in technical content mind you, except for its dearth but that is to be expected in a weekly, but because the presentation is almost pure stercus. The only positive thing I can say on that azimuth is that there is little profanity. There is also rather too much political/social correctness and very much too much “dudeism”.

But they do review things that the others don’t and while I find many of their review to be of stuff I wouldn’t swap a good defecation for those I do care about are worthwhile after I filer out the dudeisms.

On which azimuth I see [Link] that Anheuser-Busch is being litigated for watering their beer. What took so long? Why is it that Amerikan Big Beer is so bad? Can we litigate them for bad taste? Both in business practices and in the beer itself?

More medicalist stuff today. Selah.

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