Evil in Sheeps Clothing

Nasty night last. Rain and winds. Drove my land kite to Scant City and back for gym this morning and it was indeed good kite weather. Happily not much traffic at those hours although what there is tends to be either oblivious to conditions or overly aggressive. Especially educationalists. One does not want to exit the parking lot followed by an educationalist. Good way to wind up in a drainage ditch or worse.

Tuesday is science podcast day, which is rather more choppy than the other days because of the number of shorter podcasts I listen to. SCIENCE podcast for the first twenty minutes of arm bicycling; usually Guardian Science for the first twenty minutes of leg bicycling although with a series on sustainment mechanics that is decidedly too corporate and monetary I may fall back on Material World for the next few weeks; and for the last twenty of leg, a collection of short segments from NPR. That order is sort of like wine at weddings, good stuff first and rot gut after everyone is snookered.

But one of those NPR episodes had to do with the birth control aspects of O’Bama Care. The creationists were all holding that the day and week after pills are abortificants and hence abhorrent to their mysticism while all the real science types are saying the pills aren’t abortificants. And this is moe than just semantics.

So while I am not a biologist type I was rather struck by the contradiction of the argument. Most of the religionists hold that they are entrusted by deity with stewardship of the planet. This raises the question of how their stance on human population increase tracks with their stewardship when it not only means the extinction of many species of animals, and the pollutive gutting of the environment, but also the accelerated extinction of humans.  All their stance seems to favor is the short term benefit of the religionist organization, not either the religion nor its adherents.

So how can unbridled increase of human numbers, to the point of ecological collapse and extinction be moral or good or holy? As one would expect with those who deny testability, no meaningful response will be forthcoming. But the evidence is increasing that organized religion is evil and destructive.

Not that government is any better but it doesn’t really pretend to be.

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