2 Pi over 5

Back to week in. SO far a good day. The educationalists were not especially obnoxious, nor noisy, this morning and the weight bouncers were conspicuously absent. And the podcast episode, one of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, was entertaining if not actually inspiring, mostly dealing with the insanity of aristocrats with a social conscience. All the while I was listening I kept asking myself how much better things would have been if they had simply disposed of all the aristocrats and adopted real democracy. But then we cant expect such smarts (or chutzpah) among the English.

The accumulator was fairly bare yesterday, so I am a bit at odds for some commentary this morning. The best I can come up with is this photo [Link]

whic is noteworthy for its five-fold symmetry.

This leads me to reflect on the whole thing of such. For many years there was all sorts of pronouncements by applied mathematicians and such that odd numbered symmetries above three were “impossible”. That got quashed a few years ago but examples have been few. So it is refreshing to observe this one.

I am not sure what the argument was. I was exposed to it a long time ago, my interest was a bit low, and so I chose to let the seemingly hokey argument pass unquestioned. I already had a reputation in those days of asking “why” too often and insistently.

The weather beavers say rain this afternoon. Observing the map I see that Birmingham, what was the flatulence orifice of Alibam in my youth before the iron industry died, is already wet. We are a few miles away but weather is seldom one’s friend in this state.

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