In Search of Potential

Yesterday was a great day. After the usual round of downloading podcast episode, editing metadata, and transferring them to player – and charging player – she decided we had to venture out to purchase electrochemical accumulators, what the bogs refer to as batteries. Ayeh, courtesy of the council of thieves politicians in Muntgum this week out is a “tax free” period for the purpose of disaster relief (?) necessities. The list is available on the Alibam income tax web site and is notable more for what is not on the list than what is. If I were making up a list of what I needed in the event of a tornado blitz (e.g.) that list would be a lot longer and more diverse than this “official” one. Once more the council of thieves politicians displays their incompetence, greed, and slavery to corporate interests.

But that’s the nature of living in Alibam, one step away from national socialism or other form of tyranny.

Speaking of which I caught a broadcast from WAFF news last evening on a pro-chocice/pro-life demonstration in Huntsville.[Link] The bigotry was laid on with a bull dozer. Less than five seconds were spent on the pro-choice demonstrators; almost two minutes on the pro-life. And the facial and verbal expression of the news reader were blatant in their bias. So much for objectivity and fairness in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill.

On a more pleasing note, I see that the Yankee government has finally extended its open access policy to more than biomedical research articles. [Link] This is quite pleasing. It signals that the YG may be actually cracking down on avaricious journal publishers by compromising their autarky. And, it makes more taxpayer supported research available to people who can use it. And from an acute rectal pain standpoint it may also get rid of some of the noxiousness of the Freedom of Information Act that has never been funded adequately and is widely abused by corporations for their own greed. So a small booyah to some unsung staffer in the president’s palace.

A second good bit is an article [Link] entitled “I Can’t Find a Single Productive Use For My Tablet”. That sums it up. A fairly comprehensive, albeit subjective, as such things necessarily have to be, indictment of the slab as work surface. I admit I don’t like the throw-out that W8 may be a mediocre work medium – and ignoring Ubuntu tablet completely – but at least the analysis is not totally whacked. It’s not like the guy will likely discorporate any time for absence of neural activity, even if it is less than we should like. But the points are not bad and it is worthwile just because of the bravery and honesty – well, semi-honesty.

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