Vartoon Lees

This week out was particularly good for cartoons, so I will catch up with a bit of a backlog now.

First, [Link]

I was taken with the last panel, as was my colleague, Magnetic Force Inductance, who sent me the link. I have nothing against electric cars. I have some complaints about the batteries, but that is something else. But the last panel is a wonderful commentary on consumerism and bogs. Hence our new rallying cry: Cool Technology is the NEW Stupid!

The second, [Link]

is rather closely related, going to the traditional human idea that something well made lasts while the GEN Y see everything – except themselves? – as transitory. One again: Cool Technology is the NEW Stupid!

I could also comment that this is related to one of the more difficult problems I had to wrestle with in my last years of working for the Yankee army – how to make a permanent store of digital records that would last and be accessible.

The third cartoon, [Link]

is not really about grandparents. It’s about married couples. And from my perspective, there are many times I display my genius and discover FD SCP standing behind rolling her eyes.

And lastly, [Link]

this is why FD SCP permits nothing hard over a mass of about a kilogram in the back parlor where the master audio-vistual electromagnetic receiver is. Lest I throw the heavy thing at the screen at some egregious statement. Of which there are many. But after all these years of commentary I try to stifle my own complaints. But I still burst out laughing occasionally at some really stupid thing, usually a news reader who don’t pre-read and says something utterly abysmal.

And my comment on the limited quantity things would have be “GOOD!”

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