Fist Shake the Sky

Almost like winter this morning. The Weather Channel and the WunderWeather local agree that Greater Metropolitan Arab is about 20 degF this morning. The teethy ones claim we shall get almost to 60 degF today but I am reserving my trust for the sake of observation.

Much grrr brrrr on the national news last evening about meteorites and our economy/human laxity propensity to present our necks to the blade. They even had some neuroneg up there expounding nuclear devices. There was also some apologetics about the BIG guy who had all the attention earlier before Siberia got a wallop. Incidentally I see the injury count is now up to a kilo – probably folks injured in the clean up?

The Siberian meteorite, a few tons of matter was relatively benign.[Link] A shock wave, no EMP, no entact impact, not that an impact in Siberia would be as bad as in shallow ocean. The big guy was 130K tons and could have done a big damage, millions killed if it had hit and skewed the climate, mostly from starvation and chaos. And the assurances of authority were a bit empty given the growing inability of bogs to do maths. Note the gravity bend in this graph:

Note they say that the beast came within about 38 Mm (megameters) of Tellus and recall that Tellus itself is about 6 Mm. So that’s not a big miss!

I was especially impressed by the title of this article:

“The world is safe! Asteroid capable of destroying London skims past Earth in nearest flyby since records began”

which is pretty clearly meant by someone to reassure the bogs and make them quiet until there is a real extinction strike. Question s whether the nonsense mindbalm came from journalist or bureaucrat-politician?

Not that the concerned are exactly rational. [Link] There are too many out there pushing for rapid action with things that almost certainly won’t work. Not that any one thing will be highly effective so far as I can tell. But the task has two hard parts: observation and detection; and interception and removal. Both will be EXPENSIVE and PERSISTING. This is not a five year plan thing, it’s a change the way society works thing. And we don’t know how to do that. At least not better than abysmally incompetently. It also flies in the face of politicians and money people. Capitalism can’t handle this sort of thing, and religion will turn it into tyranny. I have scant hope that we are going to do any better with this than we did with the terrorism thing -a bunch of meaningless, painful restrictions of no purpose nor effect other than to comfort the bogs.

At least for those who get to see it the view will be spectacular.

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