In Search of a Land Fill

Today is sag day. Went to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday for staff call and food acquisition and that took time, effort, and will. Today is also end of gym for the week, I feel burnt out a bit and the weekend schedule is farcical to insulting. Only in the old confederacy can such religionist discrimination be condoned by the legally elected government.

I have noted in the emails that the repulsians are beginning to sound a bit frantic and strident. Not that I am not amenable to a few of their concerns but there are too many nastynesses about both political parties for me to countenance either. I do not wish the collapse of just the repulsians, indeed that would be a disaster, but rather the collapse of both. At times like this the execution of a Sokrates seems not unreasonable.

I also have to keep children and grandchildren from my mind. Else it would combine with the ineffectualness of the individual and difference from the majority to destroy me faster.

On a more pleasant note I noted an article [Link] this week about the rumor of MegaHard porting Orifice to Linux. Evidently there was a lot of buzz about this because it was perceived to induce a lot of large organizations to switch to Linux given its betterness and the prospect of having their office unproductivity toy. 

Sorry folks, I have to yawn at the prospect. MegaHard Orifice is a rectum. (There, I finally got to use that association explicitly!) In fact it is a rectum embellished with all manner of useless and distracting stercus. And there is no way to keep it clean. From my perspective it has only one positive feature, which is the Visual Basic coding in EXCEL. But if I am running Linux and can actually do number crunch coding with a REAL language, like FORTRAN, then who needs that?

IMHO, LibreOffice is a far better product. The stercus encrustation is much less. Not zero, mind, but low. And several dB easier to use. In fact, LO is an actual productivity tool unlike Orifice. So the rumor for me is much less of an attraction than a repulsion.

But I would like to see them bring Scientific Word to Linux. Lyx is nice but it ain’t SW!

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