Nothing And No one

One of my colleagues, Displacement Current Coupling, sent me this link [Link] to a lovely wordism:

I have to note that the WP says this is an Electrical (Electronics?) Engineering educationalist thing. The latter part certainly indicates that it is a student lab. but the outlooks on theory and experiment are able demonstrators of the difference between real science and engineering. In my experience EE theory is more like special cases of real physics theory that have gotten detached and hence disconnected, and EE experiment is limited to things that were interesting in physics a half century or so ago.

But the humor is still good.

In my experience when physicists try to do electric/electronics practice there are long periods of time spent getting all the pieces to work simultaneously. Back when I was working my master’s research, I spent 15 months getting all of the spectrometer to work, two months taking data, and one month feverishly writing. AS a result I went out and got a real job and switched graduate shules and became a theoretician so I could get some rest.

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