Yesterday was another medicalist day, except this time for FD SCP. So I got to do a lot of sit and try to divert myself time. One of the topics was why we find external change so much more stressful than internal change.

That brings me to a pair of articles in the Register. The first [Link] was sent me by my colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, and has the comforting title, “Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday”. Comforting, at least, to those of us who don’t use Internet Exploder. Of course on a Linux box you can run, I am told, IE on WINE but why? I ask those who tell me this question and they all respond that it’s possible but not preferable. But in my discussion with my contributing colleague we did discuss why anyone still uses IE when there are other, gooder – as some say here in Alibam – browsers. I personally do not like Chromium, passing it by for the actual Chrome, mostly because of the ease of integrating with Gooey. But while I have Chrome installed on all my boxes I really only use it on the Xubuntu box that I use for surfing. FireFox is the browser of choice for serious internet usage.

I have heard colleague argue the merits of almost all browsers, except IE. Somehow there are no proponents of it, only folks who opt for the path of least resistance or are conditioned. I am often surprised by the former. Some of my colleagues, people of good knowledge and mind, who just can’t get engaged with the idea of a better browser. When I wax on the merits of things like ReminderFox and other add-ins, they blink stoically and radiate an attitude of enduring frivolity. When I ask how they get reminded of things like medication schedules they admit to not and missing regularly. They are also the people who use the MegaHard email client – not Outlook, the spayed one – instead of ThunderBird or some other client that does things – and they don’t have a gMail account and don’t understand why they need anything more than their ISP account. And they don’t do gCal or any other calendering, in the main.

There are a few who work in organizations of tight IT control. These are all MegaHard shops. And because they can’t use anything but IE at work, they don’t at home. Some of them are so low on the bog ladder that they don’t even know to complain.

I tend to think of these people as the third world of IT users. They are rather like primitive denizens of some third world country who suffer all sorts of medical maladies because they lack infrastructure and the knowledge to expect it. Just as people in more developed countries expect clean water and sanitary plumbing and …. and are keen to secure these benefits for all, those of us who use other browsers seem keen to secure those benefits for all, preferably by eradicating MegaHard.

Which brings us to article two [Link] about MegaHard’s abysmal sales of their tablets. I have to admit to a bit of surprise here. After all the MegaHard clone of Unity, whatever other name they stick on the GUI, is intended for a slab. It’s the reason they abandoned their established base in hopes of gathering in all the slab slime. And it appears they are failing.

But what took me by the surprise was that the article had as abysmal analysis as an Amerikan one. The article went on to discuss the depressed sales of PCs by folks like Higgledy Piggedly and Dull. But never did they consider in their analysis that part of the reason is that the consumerists are buying slabs. So if the market is dominated by replacement, sales of boxes are going to go down and sales of slabs are going to go up as the consumerists get rid of old box for new slab. Duhhhhhh!

What I haven’t grokked yet is the effect of UEFI. As the consumerists migrate to slabs and abandon their boxes, the box demographic will become more solidly creation users and the OS demographic will shift to Linux and (shudder) Apple OS. But if UEFI won’t work well with Linux – forget the Fruit Folk – then that will further depress sales of boxes.

I won’t even mention yet any views of MegaHard owning a big chunk of Dull and what that will do for the organic Linux box makers.

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