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Another foul day. The only good seems to be a desultory rain which has the virtue of enlivening without soaking. But later I am off to do medicalist things and those are never enjoyable. Something about the testing aspect of modern medicine puts us in mind of the period between being sentenced and actually placing one’s head under the blade of the guillotine. Even when one is pronounced well, or fit, or good enough, there is no real elation, only a lessening of pressure and disease.

This puts me in mind of Montrose’s toast and reflection upon how we have lost the dignity of life in the scrabble of consumerism. But this desertion is not just selected by our whacked livfe styles, but actually forced upon us by a society that seems increasingly evil in its solicitude. The news this morning was all about how people are being punished for not being attuned to things: fraternities for having racist parties, while ignoring that ridicule is the basis of humor; a drunkard being litigated for an accident by parents of possibly injured children rather than correcting the society that forced him to ethanol; and a poor veteran in Sowth Alibam  executed and derided by his government and society for protecting them and being loyal.

This is the face of tyranny. Humorless, in fact, humor forbidden lest the tyrants face their insecurity. A social order that grinds people up and then steals their substance; organization always right; members only raw material. And loyalty to that organization distrusted and punished.

Yes, definitely a foul day.

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