Fog and Folderol

Beautiful! I do love a good fog and this one was/is bonnie. At about 0400 this morning the visibility in Scant City was about 0.25 km, estimated from headlamp beam spread and street lamp halos. It was a nice middling fog. The water accumulating on the windscreen was minimal, almost so little as to make the wiper blades squeek.

Once inside the gym, the bag was mixed, just like outside. There was a strange courtesy among and from the educationalists but the podcast, an episode of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was vapid. The most engaging bit was about a newly discovered rat with only incisors that eats worms. Sadly, no elaboration on what type of worms.

Along that azimuth, I chanced upon an article about work at Royal Holloway U and a couple of spear holder shules that indicates the Clovis society (culture? maybe) of Nawth America was not eradicated by a comet (meteorite?) fall. The principal digger proclaimed the absence of relevant impact crater or impact debris.

Ever since the Alvarezes, pater et fils, advanced the extinction of the dinosaurs (except their descendants) due to one (two?) meteorite (comet?) strikes, it has become fashionable to explain all sorts of population fluctuations by astronomical intervention. Quite frankly the whole thing requires a great deal of effort and it has never been all that engaging for me. My principal interest in the matter is to get a reliable estimate of the mean time between “extinction” strikes so an estimate may be made of the effort that needs to be expended to provide reasonable assurance of human continuance.

Not that any government or large organization is going to do anywhere near that amount of effort. Especially in Amerika. After all, just look at our inability to do anything about climate change. Like get past the terrorists who deny it.

But come to think of it, freezing is a better way to die than baking.

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