Squeezed States

It’s that time of week again. Tab hawgin’ day. So all you reads, such as you are in number, get the left-overs from the browser refrigerator.

First of all, I note in the Register [Link] that MegaHard is blaming the sales failure of Winders Ate on the computer manufacturers? Has the grand exalter cudzu of MegaHard, whoever he is now that Bill Gates has absconded, grown a toothbrush mustache and taken to wearing an arm band and jack boots? Will Jewish code writers be blamed next?

Once more the English media comes through when the Amerikan media fails spectacularly. Of course that could have to do with the superiority of English shules in teaching English bairns how to read and rite and figger and all that not covered in Amerikan shules. They may be illegitimate tyrants but at least they don’t only instruct their children on only what is on the test. And a government test at that. If we’re going to have a test for all our shule children it needs to be a FOST.[1]

Anyway we have to ask why would all those computer builders deliberately fornicate MegaHard. After all, MegaHard has been so good to them, requiring them to replace BIOS with a system that assures reduced sales and lots of overhead, and to use an OS that assures reduced sales and lots of overhead. So why would they spite themselves after such benevolent treatment?

But I did rather like the comparison of Winders Ate to Vister. Not that it’s original, which it isn’t but any mud smeared on the Sixth (Fifth?) Reich is a blow for freedom.

Coupled to this is a rather humorous article [Link] about how Winders is losing out to Linux, 2:1. Not that the argument is more than a sieve, like the articles about Linux’s next year on the desktop. With the desktop retrenching to people who actually produce information rather than just consume it, I am happy to be warm, dry, AMUSED!, and comforted by an OS that works well, is a joy to use, and doesn’t try to run my life.

OK, Android is rather a bit of a nag on my so-called smart phone, which isn’t smart except in the sense of pain. But my misgenetic (FOSS for bastard) combination of Ubuntu and KDE is good for me both productively and esthetically. Winders ceased to be either sometime around W2K. And no, I don’t think Linux is whipping Winders so much as MegaHard is self-destructing. But I don;t really care. Linux is like Switzerland, an oasis of sanity in a world of religionist/capitalist fanaticism.

Next, speaking of Switzerland, there is word [Link] of an experiment using a pseudo-hydrogen atom – a combination of a proton and a muon, the latter rather a fat, mentally unstable relative of the electron, to determine the diameter of the proton. I am a bit skeptical of this, mostly because of the muon. A bound proton should have a (slightly) different size than a “free” proton, or for that matter a proton all by itself in the universe. But what stumps me, and evidently everyone else, is why a proton bound to a muon should be smaller than when measured any other way? I am briefly entertaining the fielder’s mitt hypothesis that indicates that the baseball (proton) is a bit smaller as it is held in the fielder’s mitt (muon.) Hokey? Yes. Bad? Not necessarily, since all models are ‘wrong’ in science.

And while we’re on particles, I noted an article [Link] about the particle burst of 774 CE. Seems that Tellus got blasted that year by a burst of particles from a supernova (hypothesis) that caused all sorts of radioactive grrr brrrr. What makes this noteworthy is when it occurred. I searched my memory for what happened that year. Bupkus. hen I consulted a couple of history timetable references and an atlas of world history. More bupkus. About all that I could find in the history books is a mopping up of military action in England by Offa (reflecting how wonderfully well the English do at horribly embarrassing names,) and Charlemagne validating some donation to the Bishop of Rome. IOW, a microcosm of human activity: war; politics; and mysticism.

And lastly, I ran across an article [Link] about NASAl ressurecting old Saturn rocket engines for a test for future use. This grabbed my attention span for a couple of reasons. First of all, one of my coffee acquaintances tells the tale of how when the Yankee government canceled the Saturn program for political reasons, how he scrambled to hide a few of these engines rather than crush them and sell for scrap. What makes this interesting is he cozened the Yankee army into providing the storage facility. So chalk one up for an accidental benefit of the Yankee army. And a triumph over Amerikan political stupidity.

The second is that when these engines were originally being tested they shook Nawth Alibam. I can remember being in band class and the director cutting us off to sit and wiat during the test. All we could hear was the roar and the shaking of windows. Definitely not our off-key, off-time “music”. And we knew the next day all the egg ranchers on Sand Mountain would come down to lay damage claims against NASAl for unlaid eggs.

I think that’s why I have stayed in Alibam. It’s a wonderful place to make big noise, disrupt biology, and foil the depredations of politicians.

[1]  Free and Open Source Test.

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