Award for the most colossal prevarication by a politician this week: to the deputy fuhrer, herr biden, for his persistent diversion that restricting firearms will reduce violence.

Credibility as well as reality ruptured. Almost all of the data we have indicates violence is negatively correlated with gun ownership density. And yes, that doesn’t imply causality but have we ever had anything but negative causality from a politician in the last few years?

Award for the most egregious display of arrogance, incompetence, and lese majeste by a politician in a LONG time: to the minister of state, frau clinton, for her behavior and presence before the Yankee government congress.

Once more we are reminded why the current chief executive got elected. It is very easy to see this woman handing out apples. Take that metaphor as you will. The only good I saw was understanding why her husband is a philanderer.

Award for the most unexpected display of integrity and candor by a young person: to the helicopter driver/gunner and soldier, harry windsor, who demonstrated that at least one member of his family is a mentsh.

I got the first two from watching the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver; the third from a colleague, Displacement Current Magnetic Field, who emailed me an article from the Register that was so sodden with liberal stercus that my olfactory states are still saturated. So two Fs and one A. Not bad for the shape the planet is in, largely due to the damage perpetrated by politicians.

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