Sky Blessing

Thus progresseth the week of water. Rained again last night. Not sure if it was night number three or four in a row. Not complaining, except when I have to slog to gym. It’s hard enough to drive at 0345 in good weather when even the constables are more than still (again?) half asleep, but under reduced visibility and friction?

Speaking of such terrors, the Economist has an article [Link] on how Amerika does copyright wrong. Basically this is all part and parcel of the corporate oligarchy that Amerika has become. It is damaging our ability to survive, almost as badly as the national debt and our educationless public shules. But there seems no hope of any relief given the minionness of the politicians to the corporate oligarchs. It increasingly looks as if only a revolution will be of any hope.

Equally dismally, the Wall Street Journal reports on the downturn of universities.[Link] Naturlly, this is about money, not education. It is unclear if the WSJ has any idea of anything else. The problem is that since money is a fiction of convenience, it is elastic and hence has no meaningful correlation to knowledge. The problem with the universities is that the young are in serfdom for attending college and cannot obtain employment. They and their parents have come to the logical conclusion, a refreshing change for bogs who are about 0.9 of the total,[1] that college degrees may not be a good thing for everyone. And while everyone’s mother wants them to be a physician, the cost of finding failure is now such that it calls for some high shule time sanity.

This may be the death knell of Capellan academia, at least everywhere except the Ivy League. Reductions in tuition income will mean reductions in scope and depth and one rather suspects that the disciplines cut back will be the ones with the worst employment potential, which are by and large the arts and such like. And the competition for on-line dominance will intensify, further diluting the knowledge base. Is it time to institute the alpha-delta designations?

On a more cheerful note, the stamp collecting science community has been dealt a sever blow. [Link] Seems researchers at U California have determined that the five universal personality traits of psychology, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, aren’t. Universal, that is. Seems they have found some tribalists in Bolivia who have subsistence farming society who have different personality traits.

This is part of the old Nature/Nurture thing, if you are old enough to have learned it in shule. Nowadays they don’t teach this because it violates the precepts of social engineering.  But it also sez that at least some of what the stamp collecting nerds thought were constants of human nature are really organizationally related. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, on the cheerful azimuth, is a nice article [Link] in Scientific American by a shule teacher (evidently there are still a few of these around!) talking about how the creationist fanaticism is corrupting our society. Not news, obviously, but rather well composed. So it is doubly noteworthy: not only evidence of a teacher but of rationality.

I feel certain this individual will now be roundly punished by both the fanatics and the educationalists for making both groups look like the incompetent parasites that they are. That’s our way today. Righteousness overwhelms right. But we can appreciate the chutzpah and right nonetheless. BooYah!

[1]  Another instance of Sturgeon’s rule.

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