Bathroom Floors

Ran across this cartoon [Link]

and thought how well it expressed the awfulness that is tile GUI.

Not just Winders Ate, also DisUnity courtesy of Mark Shuttlecock and Inquisition. And that fruit thing.

Reminds me of an old Marine training couplet, “This is my rifle, this is my gun.” Except for the sociopaths who visited these GUIs on us, we’ll amend it to “This is my computer, this is my phoblet.” (Ask a nerd, they’ll explain it.)

And the title? Refers to a trip I made to Cornelius U back in my Undergrad days to woo a bit, and tutor a bit – great member of the other half of species – and stayed at the Anchor Motel, which had heated tile floor in the latrines. Ultimate luxury, IMHO. Back when we still had winter.

Anyway, that’s where tiles belong. On floors, maybe on walls, but not on computer screens.

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