Sweet Stupidity

We survived another motor to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, helped in no small part by shules being desessioned and lots of adults taking off. The grocery stores weren’t near the state of after-snow but they had definitely taken a hit with lots of holiday goodies on half or less price. I snarfed up several boxes of some candy I had discovered and suspect only exists during the season.

Speaking of candy, the evidence mounts that corn syrup/sugar is an evil. [Link] The positive correlation between corn sweet and obesity continues to be fleshed out, this time with some infication that fructose does not quench the hungry alarms in the corpus human.I have even noticed that all those blatantly prevaricative commercials that corn sweet is the same as sugar have disappeared from the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. I should like to know if that was a matter of the corn sweet cartel finally getting the idea they were made or the Yankee government told them to shut down or be shut up? Knowing the state of politics today and the toadying by both parties to corporations, I suspect the former.

Of course, if you go to Scant City Memorial hospital the only beverages you can get that have sugar in them are coffee and tea; no soda pop! So much for medical ethics!

On which note, I found an article [Link] advancing that society needs psychopaths. Can’t say that I disagree a whole lot with the outlook. Anyone who cut their intellectual teeth on Robert Heinlein and Starship Troopers – the book, not those sorry slime mold movies – has no problem with acknowledging you have to have people who can make the hard decisions. And we need to make one about population before Nature does the job for us.

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