Shell Game

Just when I start thinking humans may have some positive characteristics and be worth continuing, I run across an article [Link] that is horribly damning.

It seems some eco-geek at Clemson U, undergrad, I believe, wanted to figure out a better way for turtles to cross the road. No, this isn’t some sort of joke, and I think that they actually used the term incorrectly, probably meaning tortoise rather than turtle. But this student got interested in this matter because of some course assignment and put a (fairly realistic) toy tortoise out in the oradway to observe motorist behavior.

Quite frankly, I expected a general trend of people to avoid the beastie since I do. But I was inaccurate. Something in excess of 0.02 of drivers actually redirected the motorcar to hit the tortoise, which is a sufficient fraction given traffic density to account for the general decrease in the local tortoise population.

This is sick. It is sick in the same sense that the shooting in Connecticut is sick. And it is fundamentally human. And we seem unable to cope with that aspect of humanness.

This is probably one of the great tests of Jains, whether it is moral to kill a killer?

Think about that next you are motoring, or mowing lawn, or even cleaning up. When does killing life become evil?

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