Cold and Drool

We come to ice cream day, the christianist pseudo-shabat, which is appropriate since it portends to be a cold day. My Firefox weather add-in indicates that it is 28 degF in Greater Metropolitan Arab right now and the temperature will rise to all of 45 degF. This is a mixed bag, if accurate. We are starting off at lower temperature than yesterday but we have the carrot of higher maximum than yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, FD SCP drug me out to go shopping for a new motorcar for her. This was not a pleasant experience. I was repeatedly whelmed by blatantly incompetent salesmen (no women?) who project greed and fraud, when they are not mentally drooling. I suppose I am spolied by having bought my last few motorcars in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill where the salesmen are used to dealing with techies and knowing that appearing stupid and boggish will cost them a sale. But FD SCP wants to obtain service for her motorcar here in Greater Metropolitan Arab and the dealer we finally settled on is the least worst of a horrible lot. At least statistically.

It may be asked why I would choose to live in a town of such blatant and bottomless incompetence, what with salesmen who mentally drool and city governance by real estate agents. The reason is simple; the distractions may be safely ignored leaving one to concentrate on important stuff, like physics. Knowing that the salesmen are incompetent and venial and cheats means that one can safely ignore their noise and decide whether the inflated price and inferior good are good enough to not waste more time over. And knowing that the city government values only people who do not live in the city means that one is free of concern over city politics and machinations. Sometimes, if the evil is small enough and inept enough, it is better to ignore it into a corner than consume one’s substance eradicating it.

This is the rule in small town Amerika, especially here in the hinterland. In fact, compared to Atlanta, Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill is similarly corrupt and competence-shy. I have long hypothesized that this differential of competence, if not greed and fraud, is why the young get attracted in such numbers to the cities, and why so many of them die young – in the cities. Cities have always been death mills of the young, going back to their beginnings. The competence draws them in and the greed takes them apart.

The other nasty piece of this, of which I have been reminded several times this week, is the idea of ‘cold’. Cold is nonsense, like the multipliers of less that have become fashionable in advertisements. There is no such thing as cold except in the minds of humans who should know better but apparently naturally drool between the ears. But since it seems fitting both in terms of our theme and in keeping with the weather, we shall discuss cold.

The human body is a heat engine. The heat is essentially a waste product like feces and urine. Since it is produced (approximately) continuously, it must be disposed of in the same fashion. The rate of heat transfer from the body to the environment depends on several factors including both the body and environment temperature. If the temperature difference is too low, our body retains heat and be become ‘hot’. This piece makes a bit of sense. But if the temperature difference is too great, then heat is pulled out faster than efficiency permits and we experience some metabolic stuttering that we interpret as ‘cold’. The most obvious of this is shivering which is as attempt by muscles to increase the body’s generation of heat.

So ‘cold’ is not only a purely human, unphysical thing, but manifest evidence of the prevalence of boggishness among humans.

Which brings us to the key question: is the mental drool of salesmen also manifest evidence of boggishness?

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