Worthless Gifts

Strange day yesterday. Actually observed bursts of snowing and FD SCP and I motored in and around Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Trying weather and trying errands. Only good side was a low density of people. Apparently returning to work took priority over package returning/exchanging/whatever.

Not warm this morning. Somewhere very close to the liquid -> solid dihydrogen oxide temperature. Gym happily low in occupation and I did fairly well – no excessive or unusual pains. The podcast was an episode of the Linux Action Show, which I cannot recommend and am strongly considering dropping because of the profanity and the egregious and execrable banter. And the information is decidedly peripheral to my interests.

I noted on the ticker stream at gym this morning that the folks in Newtown have asked that no no more ‘gifts’ be sent. Evidently they have their fill of kitsch and stuffed dolls. I am never quite sure how to interpret such givings, whether they are deliberately useless or serve some function for the giver. Both, I suppose, in keeping with the nature of much reality.

Although I have to admit that a vision of the Newtown garbage dump full of expensive fluff junk strikes me as poignant of what happened there. But was that the intent? Somehow, having scant respect for bogs, I cannot entertain such planning on their parts.

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