Five Squared Message

Stress day is arrived. So far, so good. The gym is closed today, another bit of christianist arrogance and prejudice combined with lack of industry. So I pumped the old stationary bicycle here in my study and raised quite a good perspiration. Sadly, I listened to the SCIENCE podcast – it is tuesday, after all – and learned that I would be without for two weeks. More deprivation. Why have a podcast if you are not going to be regular and fulfilling? Somehow it seems awfully exhibitionist and meist, rather like having a blog.

It is still too early to discern the weather but I note a fog advisory for the east of Alibam. Lucky them. Fog can be soothing and bring death on little cat feet, or rather more likely, motorcar tires. I believe the weather beavers are making thunderstorm noises for this afternoon which will probably be a mitzvah for all the households with small children.

The news will be scant and hence, I suspect, also my blots since I need raw material for my milling. Mostly I suspect we shall have to be subjected to droning recaps of what failed and flopped this year. I do not recall much that was successful except the absence of cooperation inside the district among politicians. And now they will raise the rates they charge us for their incompetence?

Another week and then perhaps we may get into the new year, recalling such to be arbitrary and absent of any meaning other than another excuse for solstice partying. Of course, solstice was four days ago so even Newtonmas is tardy in standing proxy for a good long night of darkness celebration.

In which spirit I suggest we all recall that amidst all the nonsense and suffering of today that it is all arbitrary and visited upon ourselves by our own idiocy. The reasons for today, regardless of how we observe it, are post facto and in many cases total fiction and delusion. So pray do not dignify it with any more respect than you give to groundhog’s day or Adolph Hitler’s birthday. What matters is time spent with friends, and if those friends be family, so much the better. It is always a wonder that those we cannot avoid are worthy of our association.

And to all, a good day!

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