Fracture Eve

Here we are on the eve of the nastiest (?) day of the year. At least FD SCP and I were able to retire most of the family interaction yesterday and some of that stress may be grounded. Back to gym this morning and they had a fill-in staffer opening and he was ten minutes late. And I swear the fellow didn’t even care. Hopefully he can find a job that will please him more in the new year.

The podcast was a debate concerning whether the european union was a bust or not. The final bit seemed to sum up what one surmised from the vehement discussion, that it was a failure but would be patched a bit to degenerate more, delaying the eventual decomposition, desolation, and suffering. Somehow that seemed appropriate for the season.

The RSS accumulator was full yesterday but almost completely unengaging. As a result the tabs are less extensive than usual, which we may only hope results in greater quality.

The first article [Link] is a lovely piece entitled “There really is a war on Christmas!” It claims to be about the struggle against oppressive religionist organization here in the hinterland. There is plenty of the later here in the Old Confederacy and I see scant of the former. But article like this do inject hope into the season. And that freedom of religion may yet be realized in this country even as all of the other freedoms are being eradicated by large organizations and politicians.

The second [Link] is a rather pleasing list of factoids about christmas. The most cheering is indicative that the stealing of the solstice was effected by organization, which is evidentiary that christianity was derailed by that organization. And that real christians can get along with pagans. Another source of hope in this stress season.

Tomorrow is uncertain. Blots as I can.

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