In Search of Dull

Not only is week out sagging, but we are precipitously close to Newtonmas, which at least is less stressful to think upon than Joshuamas. In fact, thinking about Newton is generally low in stress except the topic of actually humanly interacting with the fellow. FD SCP ventured out yesterday to pseudo-enrich the local Greater Metropolitan Arab economy except that she only traded with chain stores so little of the expenditure remains in the AO. In fact, if one reflects, the same goes for non-chain stores as well since their goods are not manufactured in the local. Of course one does tend to be treated rather better in a non-chain store so that is worth the trade IMHO. I am never sure what is more bland about fast food restaurants: their food or their staff?

Getting to ‘hawgin’ tabs, I note a lovely article [Link] on Winders Ate. The entitlement – to use the boggish smear terminology of the current – is “Microsoft: It may take up to six weeks for your love of Windows 8 to fully blossom”. and includes a rather lovely quote,

“Julie Larson-Green says it takes Windows 8 users between “two days and two weeks” to grow accustomed to the new Metro Start screen, Charms bar, and other Windows 8 interface changes. Furthermore, after six weeks, Larson-Green says that users start using new/Metro features, rather than seeking out the old, familiar Windows desktop features.”

MS L-G is some myrmidon of MegaHard, I believe. The article raises in passing the question of whether Wate is worth that time and frustration, and then dumps the matter, thereby demonstrating their slave relationship to MegaHard. They even throw out the story of the perfesser at the wonk shule on the Charles who couldn’t grok it at all, a situation I am not dis-favorable of despite the overawe displayed the place.

The question unasked and unanswered is ‘how long does it take to come to hate Wate?’ From the demographics the usual MegaHard fanpool of oppressive and tyrannical organizations is taking a pass on the hope that WX will be more ‘normal’, so MegaHard is clearly at the mercy of the BYOD crowd, which has evolved as the marginalized workers who management doesn’t care about. But I can answer the question for myself, which is a very short time given the preparation provided by Canonical and Gnome. And while I find Gnome 3 marginally acceptable it is so unstable that I have had to wash it, and Unity is a thing of nausea and reflux. So I make do with KDE and XFCE quite nicely. For all but a couple of nerd things.

Incidentally, based on the reviews I have read/heard of Unity, six weeks is probably a MegaHard prevaricative lowball. Six months may be more like it.

Balancing this sort of nonsense, the Linux cabal, led by Grand Master Saint Linus have banished 386 CPUs to oblivion. This destroys another cherished Linux myth, that it runs on old boxes. Another piece of evidence that we are all owned by organizations. We should have stopped with Hunter-Gatherer bands!

Meanwhile MegaHard is pulling one of their disinheritance stunts again.[Link] Seems their new version of OUTLOOK won’t work with .doc and .xls files. I am not surprised but for one new reason. FIrst, this is not new. MegaHard consistently disinherits old file formats to force users to expend Yankee money to be able to do stuff. It’s part of the serf price of Winders. But what is new is that since MegaHard has abandoned the mega-organizations that OUTLOOK still exists. Yes, I know Mozilla abandoned Thunderbird but even with only volunteer support it is still 60 dB better than Outlook except maybe in the straight jacket environment of the tight control organization.

So far as I am concerned, this is one more reason to switch.

Meanwhile, it appears that Gooey has slipped a plastique enema to MegaHard by discontinuing Exchange synch for unpaid (are parasites ‘free’?) gmail accounts.[Link] At least MegaHard won’t have to worry about descending colon polyps for some time to come. But I do have to admire Gooey’s strategy. Since MegaHard has abandoned the mega-organizations for the BYOD herd, at least partly in response to losing marketspace to Gooey with the former, this is a real nose squash. Very Christmassy what with the red circulatory fluid and the green goo (mucus)!

Next, on the humorous side, is an article [Link] about how real life code is not the fairy tale sanitaryness portrayed in computer science textbooks. This speaks more for the sterile prison that shules have become more than anything. And is one of the reasons that this whole social engineering Kumbaya perversion is making GEN Y and Z stupids. To make a comparison, every time I had to sit in an organizational ethics class I had to contain my laughter. But then we nerd/introverts are rather naturally cynical.

I learned very early on, back in the glory days when there was COBOL and FORTRAN and the two were orthogonal and immiscible that the coding environment in a work environment was VERY DIFFERENT from in a shule environment. Even in those days of mainframes and slide rules. Think worm poo!

But today we tell our kids that feces doesn’t smell, at least on those rare occasions when we discuss feces at all. And all of them are exceptional, which totally negates the meaning of the word and makes of it a prevarication. With a capital ‘V’!

I decline to get into the subject of shule shootings. Mostly because they become rather ambiguous when viewed in terms of the mind destroying that goes on in the shules normally.

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