Dire Lost and Found

This is a difficult week. Too many medicalist appointments. That’s what crashed yesterday and may crash today.

Anyway, trying to find a bright side, I note [Link] that researchers have found fossil remains of dire wolves in Nevada. This is news that is one level below ho-hum. We know that dire wolves roamed much of nawth amerika, but this is the first time any remains have been found in Nevada. Aside from the denialist thing of they couldn’t have been here since there is no evidence, I suspect it’s mostly about finding some intellectual content in the state. Outside of Inyokern, of course.

The sad part is that dire wolves are extinct. They were once a vital part of keeping human numbers under control. Now we don’t have dire wolves and have to rely on mentally whacked shootists, at least until the social engineers and sob sisters shut that door. Of course if all they do is restrict guns, then the alternatives, being much more effective, could actually improve the culling. Of course, they may be more intelligent than they appear and do something for mental health instead.

The intriguing question, however, is why is the culling beneficial?