Grapefruit Gollys

It being sundae, it is also time for the hawg’in of the tabs. So without too much grrr brrr, commencement occurs.

I start with a rather confusing article from a university I have never heard of before but infer it is not an English (language) institution because the language of the article is patently a rather strained translation. So far as I can gather, the researchers performed a study of students learning on-line and found no gender differentiation. Since this likely comes from an ethnicity/culture/society that strongly differentiates on gender, this may be a shocking and outre report. I am still looking for a similar work dealing with age and intelligence and extrovert/introvert differentiation. I know that I am a POOR on-line student. Simply put, it is not my medium. And, IMHO, it is a medium poorly suited to nerdish subjects, despite all the popularity of massive on-line courses like those offered by (e.g.,) Courserea.

On a nostalgia trip, I ran across an article [Link] projecting detection of gravitational waves by 2016 with an 0.95 confidence. I ain’t convinced. Back when I was a new graduate student at the campus of the Boneyard I went to a departmental colloquium. The speaker was Joseph Webber who was THE gravity wave experimentalist of the day. He was ruthlessly grilled by the senior professors, especially John Bardeen, the grand exalted kudzu of physics on that campus. It was wonderful. So far as I could tell, the physics played in the match was first rate, and the game was a draw. I learned a lot in that hour, and not just about physics. But I also came to find out that finding gravity waves was a bit more difficult than we thought. So I am not going to wait avidly for their discovery. Wait patiently, yes; avidly, no.

Next, on a rather more pragmatic front, an article [Link] from the medical instrumentality of Canadia detailing that the density of prescription drugs bewhacked by grapefruit is even larger than supposed previously. One almost suspects this of being a government conspiracy to counter demands for the fruit with the Floridas shortly to be immersed by global warming. Evidently only in the boonies of the hinterland do fruit cups include grapefruit?

On which subject, an article [Link] detailing how the melting of the ice cover is “patchy”, as measured by orbital sensors. The statement:

“At current melt rates, the Greenland ice sheet would take about 13,000 years to melt completely, which would result in a global sea-level rise of more than 21 feet (6.5 meters).”

rather puts a kibosh to the immediate inundation of the Floridas (98 feet meal elevation.) So we can look forward to all sorts of seniors keeling over and discorporating from being fed grapefruit by uncaring restaurateurs.

On an equally pleasant note, there is a report [Link] that the incidence of type 2 diabetes is positively correlated with fructose consumption. Another nail in the accuracy coffin of the corn sugar mafia!

And crossing all the way into the silly bin, it was revealed this week that the Yankee government had plans to nuke Luna as a demonstration of resolve to the Soviets. [Link] This has evidently become an instant piece of Sagan-ana but I should hope the old boy would be embarrassed by the whole thing. A nuclear explosion on the surface of Luna would be about as spectacular as an infant’s flatulence. I do have to wonder whether this one was thought up by some congress critter or in one of the sub-basements of the five sided fool farm?

I rather suspect the former, right after he had fruit cup in the cafeteria.

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