Progression of Stupid

Evidently Canonical realized the depths of its sin and has managed to fix some of the problem. Anyway, my RSS accumulator, RSSOWL, is once more talking to browser so I am moving back to modality in terms of accumulating tabs. Sadly that also means I have to move back to modality on how I hawg tabs.

Starting off this morning, a study [Link] out of Hebrew U on how humans can unconsciously solve maths problems. I have to admit that this is no surprise to me. I have been solving maths problems in my sleep and during other activities, especially recreational activities such as reproductive interactions and beer drinking, for years now. I have to admit that my memories of early years are fuzzy, at least partly because until college I didn’t encounter that many maths problems that didn’t succumb quickly. I attribute this mostly to the rather incompetent nature of maths education in public shules. But doing maths unconsciously is natural and common, but at least now we have an academic validation of what I suspect has been common knowledge among nerds for centuries.

Similarly, [Link] but perhaps more originally, the wonks are saying that projectile weapons may have been developed/invented by early sapiens much earlier than previously thought. The technology of hafting, mounting a projectile point on a stick, has been pushed back from 0.3 MYA to 0.5 MYA. Somewhat intriguingly, the researchers actually cobbled together a weapons test rig that the Greeks might have been only slightly derogatory of to test their theories. [Link] Sadly, now they are asking rather strained questions about whether this gave sapiens a superiority over neandertalensis that resulted in extinction.[Link] Sadly because it starts with pushing genius back a period of 0.2 MY and then intimating that sapiens was so inept to take 0.5 MY to kill off neandertalensis. Technically brilliant but militarily klutzy. Which may be interpreted as indicating that sapiens was much nerdier in times past.

On which note, a Stanford U academic has announced that sapiens is indeed steadily getting stupider.[Link] Now all we have to do is figure out what critical mutation occurred 0.5 MYA to kick in right after we invented the spear to make us so boggish as to take until 30 KYA to dispose of neandertals. Rather begs for a dose of Lysenko-ism, doesn’t it?

But it is rather intriguing to think about a time when all of the species were nerds. I suspect the bog mutation was all that kept us from going extinct long ago if that be the case.