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I have a new hero.

Tuesday is science podcast day at gym and that means a potpourri of several podcasts, usually the SCIENCE (journal) podcast, the Guardian Science podcast, and a selection of podcast bits from Yankee government public wireless, the target of repulsian morons. [1] Tlday the Guardian science podcast got dropped because there was none to download on Saturn’s day (No, Quadgop, not satyr’s day!) but I made up by listening to more of the SCIENCE podcast so I could hear the interview about the new theories of the formation of Luna.

Anyway, one of the Yankee government public wireless snippets [Link] was about John Trinkaus who is an ORF perfesser and engineer. He goes about and measures annoying people. For example, he will watch people queuing at the 10 (20?) items or less register in store and count how many really have the limit or less and how many have more. And then he publishes the results in a journal note. He does this for all sorts of similar things, like not stopping at stop signs/lights, that are dismaying, annoying, and dangerous.

I suspect this is an almost universal. Most humans seem to want to obey some rules  and not others. My pet peeve is people who stop at stop signs/lights but past the line so that if you are turning left into them they obstruct the turn. If I ever wanted a light saber it would be to cut off those portions of these people’s motorcars that are past the line. But I have no light saber and I really know I should not take law over.

Bt on occasion, for egregious instances, I do take photographs in a most blatant fashion. This elicits either anger or shame.

Perfesser Trinkaus does not do this. He just observes and publishes. Presumably he sublimates his anger in the effort. And that is why I admire him.

Incidentally, at the risk of inciting antisocial behavior, the register clerk will usually not reject you if you shown up with a few items over the limit. It takes more time than the entry. The folks to worry about are the ones behind you. Especially bogs during vicarious athletic seasons when they want to get their beer and cholesterol home to sit in front of the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver and unlife.

And it’s not repulsians who are morons. It’s politicians.

[1]  Or so Linux Torvalds sez.

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