Stercus Texican

What is it about Texas that they seem to have the stupidity of the old Confederacy doubled? I read [Link] that some high shule cheerleaders have been putting religionist nonsense on posters for football games. And one of the social engineering justicer groups have litigated to make their shule stop this terrorism.

And a local justicer has given the cheerleaders permission to continue this perversion until the litigation is completed on the grounds that this is the cheerleaders personal expression.


The cheerleaders exist as a shule program and are funded by the shule system. So how is this expression their personal message?

Only in Texas?

And no, I was not surprised by the logic of the cheerleaders that the deity is on their side. That is exactly how high shule (and too many college) students think: irrationally and illogically and asurvivally.

Now I expect Texas to secede from the union so that cheerleaders may argue across the short dimension of a football field which is the anointed of YHWH. 

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